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Wright and Mcgill sabalos 4000 reel review

Let's hear it! What's your opinion on rods, reels, or tackle that you've purchased recently or tried! And if you're in the market to pick up something new go to Bett's and ask for Jesse, he or someone there will definitely hook you up!

Wright and Mcgill sabalos 4000 reel review

Postby gsellers1245 » Thu Mar 31, 2011 6:24 pm

last year I bought a wright and mcgill sabalos 4000 spinning reel. I have owned this reel for about 8 or 9 months now. Since I have bought it I have beaten the crap out of it. Neglected it and dunked it a few times on accident. There has been days where I forgot to wash off after I'm done but mostly I have washed the reel after every trip. Upon doing maintenance of oiling my bearings and greasing the gears I found the internal guts to be in excellent shape. Cleaned and relubed everything. Reel performs just like new. The only corrosion I found was on the outer body of the reel. Here is how I'm going to break down the reel
1. Drag
The drag is a feature I like best about this reel. It gives you room to work with so to speak. Each click of the drag applies the drag a little at a time unlike some reels I have had in the past where one click is too much and usually ends up in a break off.
2. Construction
Mostly aluminum pieces so corrosion is left to a minimum. Don't have any complaints about it.
3. Performance
I have tackled cuda shark bull reds monster rays and this reel handles itself pretty well.
4. Parts availability
This is the one and only thing I do not like about this reel. When I was servicing the bail the spring shot a little lever out in my room somewhere. Well great time to call w&m to order the part. Once on the phone with them I am notified that they do not offer replacement parts. Instead they offer an exchange for 50%. I think that's crap. In my case it was a .10 cent piece of metal that will cost me $45 or more. Ended up finding it but man I hope I don't have to replace any parts anytime soon.
5. Overall performance
From bluegill with my niece to bull reds this reel is a great choice except where I outlined in parts availability. I rate this reel a 7.5 out of 10.
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Re: Wright and Mcgill sabalos 4000 reel review

Postby tpasurf » Tue Apr 19, 2011 5:17 pm

great review been interested in these reels!
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